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Heeeey everybody!

How are you doin’? Here in Barcelona is blazing hot, so I came to vist my mom ’cause her AC works like wonders! I even brought Bongo with me (my cat)! However, Bongo’s kind of a weirdo & likes to find a blanket to lay under at 85ºF… anyway…

First things first, I want to congratulate all the people that won my “Do you want to be V.I.P.?” contest. We had winners from Spain, Chile, Florida, Los Angeles, Japan & Germany! They all won a V.I.P. promo CD, 2 calendars, a signed picture, one pin & a press package. Hope you liked it! 😀

About these last days, me & my manager here have been doing more promo, getting ready for the album release & I’ve been taking some time to practice everyday for the performances that will come with the album release. I´m excited!

Talking about performances, I want to send a big hug to the people at Radio Star Terrassa! I had a great time on the 9th! Plus, thanks to the performance & your votes, this week we are topping their chart at #1! Let´s see what happens next week… Here you have one of the pictures they took, you can see more at the pictures section, I’ll keep on adding as soon as I get more!

From here I want to thank all these radios & podcasts that added V.I.P. to their rotation on these last few weeks:

By the way and talking about radios, Johan Jongerius, owner of TalentCast, has told me they have something planned for me in their website tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm (Netherlands Time, so about 11AM/ET), so make sure to check it out, I have no idea what it is! I love surprises! 😉

Last but not least, besides wishing you a great weekend, reminding you that V.I.P. is already for sale on most digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, etc.), make sure you check it out, buy it & leave some reviews if you’re up to it! That really helps us indie artists! 😀

Spanish Hugs & Kisses


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  1. mijola says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. Congrats!

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