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Published on: November 6, 2013

Hello, hello!!

It’s been a long time I haven’t been around. The truth is that I’ve been super busy with my new projects, not only musical! But that too! ­čśë

Everything has gone by really fast, Summer has flown by and all the work I’ve been doing between my diet, my music and my new career (yep, back to studying, I’ve lost my mind, lol!)

I won’t bother you for much longer, but I will tell you that since we got a new guitar player, Marcos Sanchez (Welcome!!!) we’ve been working on this new set, acoustic, which is a lot of work, because every song needs new arrangements. But we almost have the show ready (more than 20 songs!!) and very soon you will be able to hear how good Metamorphosis &┬áWelcome Back sound in acoustic. What do you think about that?

Plus, things don’t stop, “Don’t Come Back” -by the way, it sounds REALLY good in acoustic, who would’ve thought?- it’s been added to more radios and podcasts that I want to personally thank from here:

Radio Tamarán FM (Spain)
Radio Tentaci├│n (Spain)
Radio Alcosa (Spain)
Los Mega├ęxitos (Spain)
Radio Óptima (Venezuela)
Esto Es… Groove (Spain)
Radio Star Terrassa (Spain)

A special thanks to Radio Star Terrassa to do a special program for the release of┬á “Don’t Come Back”. Don’t forget to vote for the song on their charts. We’re #1 this week!! You can also ‘like’ their Facebook to support them support indie artists like myself!!

Big hug for you and… until next time!!

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