What kind of love are you feeling?

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Published on: February 14, 2014
Hey beautiful people:Just wanted to drop a line to wish you an awesome Valentine’s Day. I know some people get sad because they don’t have a Valentine, but this is a day for love, no matter what kind of love!! I love my Valentine, but I do love my family, friends, my cat and… I love you!! :)

Plus, there is always a song for every kind of love… and you can always give the gift of music on this special day. I’ll tell you what… how do you feel today?

  • Hating this day, without anybody to share it with… your boyfriend of wife cheated on you and you want them out… TRY THIS ONE… “Don’t Come Back” or “The Blame”
  • You got this messed up stalker, doesn’t let you live… Cut him out with a “V.I.P.” moment…
  • Feeling sad, I messed up and I want my baby back… Try with “Forgive Me Now”, oldie but goodie…
  • I got this crush on a guy/girl, but I don’t know if he/she’s for real… What about… “Are You The One For Me?”
  • I’m kinda scared of love… I don’t know if I should fall in love again, but I’m really feeling this person… because he/she could make or break your… “Tender Soul”
  • You need somebody to realize you are the one, for her or him to believe in your relationship… Try “You & Me”
  • You don’t have anybody as far as a love interest, but you do love your best friend! Check out “Best Friends”
  • You are in love and you are going to have one of the best nights ever… Don’t think about it and listen to “First Class Flight” & “Don’t Think About It”
  • Finally, you just want a LOVE SONG, one of those that bring tenderness to your soul… Try “Oh Baby” or “You”
All these songs are available now on my albums, “Metamorphosis” & “Welcome Back”, that you can buy on your favorite digital outlets or in Amazonif you preffer your good old CD, with lyrics and everything!Have a wonderful weekend, whatever your kind of love is! :)


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