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Did you miss me? ;)

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Published on: May 27, 2014



It’s been a long time since I kept you informed about what’s going on in my world…  I know… The truth’s I’ve been pretty busy these last months… so today… no excuses! Here ya go…

First things first, guess who has a birthday next week… yep, I’m getting old… I look pretty good for my age though, right? :)

A couple of weeks back I came back to the studio and was recording a couple of new songs, however, I’ve been sick and got bronquitis, so I gotta get better before I do this again :( Here’s a selfie I took one of the days of recording:

On the other hand, we keep on looking for gigs this summer! Music scene in Spain ain’t easy, so we’re having a hard time to get paid to play (and not the other way around…pretty sad kids!! what’s going on?). I will probably be hitting the Florida sun on July, so if you’re interested in booking me… don’t hesitate to contact my management at

And… yeah… This is all for today folks! At least you know I’m alive… Please, keep on listening to “Welcome Back”, while I keep on working on more music. And if you feel generous enough… buy the record... you will make a birthday girl happy :)




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