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Published on: September 15, 2015
Hello guys!
I know it’s been forever since I last wrote here, but circumstances in life have gotten in the way and it’s been impossible to keep my regular posting schedule, but anyway, I am here, I am alive!! How has your Summer been? Mine has gone by way too quick, I didn’t even realize… and we’re back to fall… soon it’ll be cold… noooo!!!
I keep on working on keeping all the things I do up-to-date, there are so many projects, not only in the music, but in my life, that I can’t keep up with everything… I am trying to put my music out for before the year is over, it isn’t easy though! I have Frankie Biggz working in production and I’ve reconnected with an old friend, Dani Trujillo (Romy Low, José de Rico, Danny Romero, …) that’s gonna help as well… can’t wait for you guys to listen!
And as if life wasn’t full enough, I am now writting you from my physical theraphy center, on my phone… waiting to get in for my daily dose of theraphy for my newly acquired back problem… This last months have been pretty stressful and my body said “enough!”, so here I am, trying to relax, writing to you and listening to good music… I will let you know how everything is going, hopefully I can keep an schedule from now on… .
As of now, I don’t have new music to share with you, however, I recommend you to check out Frankie Biggz´s new EP, “Resident Alíen”, that will please you for sure, specially if you’re an EDM fan. Listen here.
That’s all for now folks! I don’t forget you, please don’t forget me! If you want to have daily updates (or almost) don’t forget to like my Facebook and follor me on Instagram.
Hugs for everyone!!

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