Hello! I can finally have some time off to write you and let you know about my news. The thing is really haven’t had much time lately, but I’m working on new projects and hopefully we will start touring soon and I will see you around. Let’s see what you […]

Happy Holidays! Open your first present inside…

My body decided to catch a flu for this upcoming Christmas week, so I will be brief… I just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas with a little present I prepared for you… Just click on the picture to see it…   Hope you have a great holiday […]

IreneB, acoustic, you up for it?

Hello, hello!! It’s been a long time I haven’t been around. The truth is that I’ve been super busy with my new projects, not only musical! But that too! 😉 Everything has gone by really fast, Summer has flown by and all the work I’ve been doing between my diet, […]

Here we are at #FMF4! Come by and say hello! @FrankieBiggz

Here we are at #FMF4! Come by and say hello! @FrankieBiggz

IreneB releases “Don’t Come Back”, third single from her latest album, Welcome Back

The Spanish singer and her producer, Frankie Biggz, take us back to the end of the 80s with a new jack swing, homage to its creator, producer Teddy Riley. Barcelona, Spain. After being out of the limelight for some months, IreneB has chosen “Don’t Come Back”, an up-tempo song, as […]

Having a great Wednesday with @FrankieBiggz :D

Having a great Wednesday with @FrankieBiggz 😀

Buenos dias… O no…

Buenos dias… O no…

Oh, can I use Instagram from my phone now? This is pretty Bongz!

Oh, can I use Instagram from my phone now? This is pretty Bongz!

How’s your Summer going?

  Hello, hello! I know I’ve been M.I.A. for over a month, but don’t believe I haven’t been working… been writing some new music, as well as getting ready for my third single’s release… It’s taking a little longer than expected but it will be worth it, since it will […]

My last American adventure ;)

  Yeah yeah yeah… I know it’s been only a week since I last wrote here, but I wanted to tell you about my last trip to the US, plus share some pictures. Who doesn’t like pictures? If you don’t like pictures or long stories… stop reading now! (noooooooo, pleaseeeee…) […]




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